Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In Bloom

This year we have planted quite a bit. We have a veggie garden that has tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, watermelon, honeydew melon, pumpkins and an herb garden. The herbs & tomatoes are doing GREAT. The other stuff not so much. Which is weird to me since it's all in the same garden - so the same water, sun and dirt.....but who knows. I am very happy to report that a cherry tomato is finally ready for the picking!

We also planted flowers. Annuals - sweet potato vine, dianthus, coleus and a few others I can't recall....Perennials - lilies, lavender, buttercup, primrose, hosta, roses and 2 arbor vitae shrubs. I really have been having fun with planting this year (which is pretty much only my second year of planting)

When we bought our house a few years back it was zoned "prairie land". For real. The front yard did not have a stitch of grass. Now this look can be really neat, but not if you plant shade plants in full sun & let it get so overgrown with weeds and yarrow & daisies. Our family & neighbors came by & took the plants they wanted and we tilled & leveled the rest. Our yard was essentially barren for a couple years. There was always something else to do. Like put a new porch on, or finish the garage before putting plants in. Now those tasks are done (there are still many more around the house - don't worry) and we have started planting. the back yard still doesn't have too much because we'd like to put up a fence & want to plant after that.

The photos are of our blooms......there are cone flower, roses, the little tomato, my new succulent garden and out most prized blooms of all.....

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