Monday, July 5, 2010

The official start of my "vacation" is the official start of my time off from work. I took some time off to get a few projects done. I intend to paint our upstairs as we have it rented for EAA and then intend on moving the bedrooms up there (and then I will have my very own craft-room! be still my heart!) So anyways I decided to start in the front room. I bought gallons of Zinsser primer & was going to get it all primed & then work on the painting. Well.....I have to remember that when you start even the simplest projects on a 90+ year old house sometimes you get more than you bargained for.

I had started to sand down the trim & noticed a little bulge in the paint along the baseboard. I kind of poked at it. I realized the paint was coming off the I pulled at that spot.....the paint just fell off......all the way down to the cement board. So then I couldn't stop my self & I kept peeling the paint back. But wait - the paint stopped coming off all nice & easy - so now I am scraping it all off - yikes! DO I finish scraping, do I stop while I can & quick throw paint on? Should I re-drywall? Decisions....I called our fix-it friend & he said that time & money wise he'd just scrape it all off. So I did. I was covered in a funky blue dust by the end of the day (maybe lead or asbestos one can only hope).

But I know when all is said & done I will be happier with the extra work as you can see from this before photo the walls were in rough shape - you can see lots of lines that we thought were wallpaper, but ended up being contact paper - yeah shelf liner! Someone covered the walls with freaking shelf paper & that is what was peeling off not sticking any longer. Well I must go to Menards & see what sort of cleaner/sealant I need to put on my crack-house walls. I also need to sew & create as I was another great day at the market - thank you so much to all who came down!

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ohshootphotography said...

ohhh, another fun project at the Kuen house!!! haha!! I don't envy you! I hate painting!! Hence, the 3 unpainted walls in our bedroom...and the unpainted walls in the boys', and the unfinished painted walls in the back hallway...and kitchen..... I could go on and on! lol!! Happy painting!! Let me know if you have time for a playdate this week!! Since your on vacation!