Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ah to be young & dress yourself.....

The girls & I were heading outside to play.....I asked them to go get shoes on......they were gone for awhile......a little too long......I peeked in their room & saw them digging thru their dress up clothes. This is what they came up with to go play in

Syd did pick out her own accessories too!

We also went to the 4th of July parade this week - this is the bowl with all the goodies they got from it - holy cow! This is the same bowl we put the trick-or-treat candy in.....but it wasn't even this full. I don't remember that happening when I was a kid!

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vintagegirl said...

how darling!
i love your new blog background, you can't go wrong with pink. (0:
hope you had a fantastic week, t.g.i.f.