Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All Lit Up.....

So we decorated our Christmas tree tonight. How I love doing that. This is the first year that Audrey really seemed to appreciate all the ornaments. She ooo'd & aahh'd at them saying how beautiful they each were. It was really cute. Syd helped out too but after a few minutes she was much more interested in jumping on the bed and feeding her babies (dolls - she's such a little mumma!) .

Each year Will manages to find an ugly ornament to purchase (on purpose) so we laugh when he puts them up - they include a "ghetto snowman" he only has 1 eye, a mouse made out of seashells - with google-eyes that don't google so the thing is cross-eyed, a Santa painted on a bullet-shell casing and a few other gems....in addition to our tree-top star which was purchased at Cranberry Fest in Warrens after I picked it up at the craft fair & he proceeded to say how ugly it was & gross only to have the artist who MADE IT standing right behind him laughing at him - so he bought it for me :) I love it....it's a mache star with a face.....

And then there are the ornaments from when I was a baby......my little pair of pink booties my mom made, a little Pinocchio Book, a tiny little cloth doll ornie & a freakish sequined clown head.....my oh my I just love each every one of them......it is so nice to gaze over at the tree & know where each little ornament came from - each has it's own story.

Well I suppose I should get some work done, the kids are sleeping & Will had to run to the store as a hose broke under the bathroom sink & there is a blizzard coming so he went now.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the tree as much as I do - they make me all warm & fuzzy. I recommend looking at them with holiday music blaring like we do.

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daintydaisies said...

I am sooo laughing right now...cause of the ugly ornament thing! That is sooo funny! ;) Your tree looks beautiful.. I love the red beads! xoxo!