Friday, November 13, 2009

The Week in Review

So it was a busy yet somehow uneventful week. I got most of my holiday shopping all done yesterday - IT FEELS GOOD!!! Just a couple more things to get & I know what I need so it will be nice & easy. But I do still have my holiday crafting to do. My mom will say I'm a procrastinator, but I say I work better under pressure! I know what I want to make & will get it done after my 2 upcoming shows.

Speaking of the shows I have 2 big ones in November. The Holiday MarketPlace in West Bend is next weekend already. I have been stamping away & have a ton of jewelry stamped. I still need to polish it & I have a boat load of sewing to do next week. No sweat.......

On a happy-happy note Bath & Body Works carried a scent called "Sandalwood Rose" in their aromatherapy line. It was my absolute favorite so of course they discontinued it. I found it last night (after over a year of looking) at the B & BW Outlet. I was in heaven! I bought a bottle of the shower gel & lotion. I was thinking I should have bought 5 bottles of each, but I was out holiday shopping......not for myself.

Well I am off to work my half day today & am going home and will be trying a new project (because I have SO much extra time for new projects!) If all goes well there will be a rockin' new girl onesie at the show next week.

Happy Friday all!!


daintydaisies said...

ooohh can't wait to see the rockin' new girl onesies! ;)

ohshootphotography said...

and you'll be seeing your fun friend Kelly!! haha!!