Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Meet Conny from Bigib

For my first blog interview I have chosen Conny of Bigib. I met Conny thru Etsy. She is from the same state I am in & I was lucky enough to receive a great piece of her jewelry for a gift exchange.

Conny officially formed Bigib,LLC in 2002 but had been creating for several years prior. Her favorite part is designing. Sometimes the best design pops unexpectedly, including when I'm in the shower or just about to sleep. I have an idea books where I sketch the ideas and then refine it before going for construction.
Conny’s pieces can be found at http://www.bigib.com/ or http://bigib.etsy.com/ or http://bigib.dawanda.com/. Locally (in Wisconsin) I have some pieces at WhimsiKidz-Elm Grove or I go to local fairs.
Some advice she has for other artisan and crafters is keep dreaming, never be satisfied with what you have, keep thinking on how to make things better, cheaper and faster, keep innovating.
Conny has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and MBA in Finance. She worked as an interior designer for a year and decided to get my master degree. After she graduated, she was able to work for her dream company, Arthur Andersen, in Indonesia. Then, she worked for Columbia-St.Mary's Hospital and moved to GE Medical Systems. After they have their first daughter, she decided to become a full-time mom.

In Conny’s own words:“My creative brain needs outlet. In early 2001, my friend invited me to a bead party. She used nylon coated steel wire and crimping beads... and suddenly a light bulb pops. Those two material reminds me of Golden Gate Bridge...(I received my MBA from Univ of San Francisco). I knew... I will be making jewelry. I started with beaded jewelry. After taking metal classes at local college, I transitioned to a more metal jewelry. I like metal because I felt familiar with material. It's just Architecture in a much smaller scale.I still do beading, mostly for children's jewelry, like Name First Communion or Baptism bracelets.”

Here is a great new photo of a new piece Conny has made. Be sure to check out her shop & unique pieces. Conny also blogs at http://bigibdesigns.blogspot.com


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Conny...your items are beautiful!!

Mindy: I would love to be interviewed for your blog. My Etsy shop is:

If you like my stuff and want to interview me, just drop me a convo through Etsy.

Thanks :)

Nora said...

I'd love to be featured in your blog is very nice and neat...I read your thread in etsy...
you can find me there at
or my blog

Christie said...

I'd love to be featured in your blog. Such a great community here at Etsy.

Your handstamped things are so cute! Love those!!


soapdeli said...

Great interview. I'd love to be featured as well!

bigib said...

Thank you memoriesforlifescrapbooks...