Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Treats

Ah...what a lovely weekend......the girls started dance class this weekend. It was a trip for sure. They both were so excited to get on their leotards and sparkly headbands and tights. When we got there they were happy too...until they went into the studio/gym and they separated the girls. Sydney panicked and started to cry. I had to go in there to calm her down. When class was over and we went to get ready to leave she got all excited about going back in to the gym. So we peeked in and there was another small class starting and they let the girls join in. Syd & Audrey had a great time. Yippee

Also we made treats for Audrey to take to school for Valentine's Day. We made chocolate covered oreos and cake balls. They are so easy to make! I'll post instructions later!


Ms. Megan said...

How adorable!!! those treats look delicious!! Happy heart day beautiful!! xoxo

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