Monday, January 17, 2011

The Lost Art of Good Manners

I must be getting old. I am noticing the lack of good - even decent manners more & more these days.

The last week has been especially trying on the nerves. It all started with a trip to Hobby Lobby. The girls & I went there after work and had filled our cart with some 90% off clearance holiday trimmings. As we got to the counter to check out it was pretty busy so we picked a line & waited our turn. The girls were laughing & playing with the stuff in the cart & having a good time. Hob Lob opened up another lane & people rushed over to check out quicker. We were unloading our cart of goodies onto the counter when I noticed the cute little old lady behind me that had 1 hank of embroidery floss. I asked if she wanted to go ahead of me. She looked at the kids & politely declined probably thinking we wanted to get out of there. I insisted she go ahead of us (although another lady had offered her to go ahead of her full cart after hearing our conversation, but our line was quicker) - we had a cart full & she was out the door before we were done anyways.
While leaving the store with the cart I had to finagle the door open - have you guys ever been to Hobby Lobby? The doors weigh a ton & aren't sensored. While I struggle with the door there are people coming & going out of the door next to me - not 1 person tried to help. While I glanced behind me I noticed a lady with 1 arm having the same struggle I was with the doors. Again no one helped her with the door. Once I got my cart thru I did go & get the door for her as well as she commented on their need for electric doors & I thought no - we just need more people with good manners.

The next day we went to the library. I had lost my card so I had to go to the desk for a replacement card. While I was getting my new card another person approached the counter. She told the librarian that she wanted to know how much the would charge her if she kept the book she had checked out. She asked for her library card or ID. She woman quickly gave her an ID. The librarian asked - did you happen to have your library card (she still had her wallet out) The woman got very rude and said - you said my card or ID - there is my ID. The librarian replied, yes, but it is easier to look up your account with your card. The woman grabbed her ID back and hollered at her "well I guess you don't want my money then!!" The librarian calmly said - well I guess not. The woman become even more angry and asked for her supervisors name. She replied "Ruth". Then the crabby customer asked what the phone number was there - the librarian started telling her the number and the women screamed at her - NO! You write it down for me! . And she did & the lady stormed off. I gave the librarian my number in case the woman did call & complain. It was crazy, like she went there to pick a fight. Who does that? Oh, and while looking for a spot to park we were cut off by some guy who speed thru & cut across lanes to park in the spot we were about to.

Then this morning I pulled up to the library to return a couple of books. I noticed someone had pulled in behind me so I put all of my books in & closed the book return door - only to find it was FULL and some of my books were jammed. So I tried to get them unstuck as quick as I could. I motioned to the lady behind me that it was jammed & she glared at me & pulled around to the next drop box, only she was so huffy about it she parked so stupidly that she couldn't reach the box & had to get out of her car. There was also a car behind her that I motioned to let know this box was jammed so he didn't have the same problem as I did. He just looked at me & peeled away.

Who are you people? Where are your manners?

I'll get into my Wal Mart story tomorrow. I'm just not up for it today.


ohshootphotography said...

OH MY goodness!!! It's ridiculous! I had the same issues with the ppl at Geek Squad last week. I told her, she should get paid waaaay more! I was there for over an hour, she was so wonderful.... and all the whle ppl are coming and going just all pissed off. Apparently, you need your ID to pick up your the girl in her early 20's says, "well, what the F#$%" and storms out! Just unbelievable! Hope your week gets better! Hey, I'm having a scentsy party on Friday, if you like that stuff?! it's at house. Good times. :)

daintydaisies said...

Wooooaah! I know.. I have had that problem at Hobby Lobby sooo many times. (They need new doors for sure!) What is with people these days??? Sorry that you had so many rude encounters! I ALWAYS hold the door for people.. I guess our Mama's taught us to be polite! When I was in Minneapolis I noticed that everyone was so polite (well that we ran into). It was like being in a different country! Lol! Hope your days get better! p.s. WALMART SUCKS! Lol!

Ms. Megan said...

Ugh!! What is wrong with people these days?!? I ALWAYS hold the doors open for others and if someone only has one item {while i have a basket full} I always let them go ahead for me! If someone is trying to get out of their driveway and no one is stopping to let him out, I always stop. I like to help others, because I like to know, that if I ever need help someone will help me. What goes around comes around!!

Anonymous said...

Jez, must be the weather. They should stay home if they're that crabby.

Joe Jarvis said...

I agree with Megan, that the idea of "I know what it's like" allows us to have empathy for other people and do things like hold doors or let then into traffic. P.M. Forni wrote a book called The Civility Solution: What to Do When People Are Rude. I think you'd dig it, considering your recent encounters. Best: Joe from the Incivilian.