Monday, December 27, 2010

And then it's all over....

What a fun filled holiday season we had this year. We were able to spend time with loved ones and eats lots of treats. While I shopped the 50% off deals today I am already making plans for next Christmas season. Little Audrey fell in love with my mom's all pink tree (yes - all pink.....the lights, the ornaments, the beads even her wrapping paper is pink) so I started picking up pink trimmings for a tree just for the girls to decorate next year all in pink. I even found pink globe LED lights.

The holidays were also filled with thoughtful & wonderful gifts. The girls received a large (8') trampoline from Santa. It is in the play room right now but will go outside when the weather gets nicer. They love it & it is a great way for them to exercise & burn off some energy during the winter. I was lucky & was given a serger from my mom! Now I feel really official like I can take my sewing to another level - so LOOK OUT!
I am also planning a workshop at the Glitter Workshop in January where you can come down & make some great handstamped gifts for Valentines Day! You can make a bracelet, pendant or keychain. More details to follow of course.

Well - by some miracle both of my kids are sleeping & I have slim pickins' left for headbands so I am off to cut a bunch!

I hope all of your holidays were great too!

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Ms. Megan said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday!!!
Don't work too hard!! ;)