Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stamping Workshop!

The Holiday Craft Lounge was this past weekend & it was great. It was a craft show like no other I have been to. Here people weren't just selling their wares, but many also had a project to do while you were there or a fun take home kit. Projects ranged from making paper wreaths, sock monkeys, making a paper ornament, assembling your own enamel earrings (I am wearing a pair right now) and other goodies. I had a stamp your own ornament/bracelet station. I wasn't sure how it would turn out going into it, but it was a blast! People really seemed to have fun creating their own unique gift.

After I got home on Saturday I had emails from people saying what a nice time they had.....I also received an interesting email from Laura at Anthology (the hosts of the show) asking if I would come to their shop & host a little workshop any time in the near future.....so I will be at Anthology 218 State Street Madison WI this Saturday from 12-3 for a stamp your own ornament workshop!

Come down & make your own piece of hand stamped goodness!

Hope to see you there.

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BJ_Mama said...

this sounds awesome! If you ever do a show like this again, I would LOVE to go! Making/Taking Crafts home!!!! Sounds like Heaven!