Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where does the time go?

Ugh - do you ever just feel like the days are just melting by? I have had that feeling a lot lately. There were grand visions of craft projects to be done, pies to be made, Princess costumes to be sewn, bulbs to be planted, pumpkins to be carved and construction to be rolling along........I am sad to report that we are officially behind schedule. But it seems that is the way it goes sometimes.

I have a big (well okay - hopefully big) show this weekend and I only have 3 days to finish getting prepared. I have a bit of everything to work on for it, so it always feels like nothing is getting accomplished. Sigh......

Well, enough of my pity-party, I have too much to do! Wish me luck!
ps- I have no idea where this pic is from, but isn't it just cute? I can just picture the girls doing this.

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