Monday, July 19, 2010

A good hair day

I remember when I was little my mom used to put foam rollers in my hair at night when it was wet & in the morning I would have curls........Audrey asked me if I could put curlers in her hair! How fun. So after her bath we did...and her hair was nice & bouncy the next day. After I took her picture she really wanted to take a pic of Syd so this is it!

Hope you all had a great Monday


BJ_Mama said... CUTE! My mom used to put foam rollers in my hair too! :)

ohshootphotography said...

adorable! I was not the hair roller type when I was little, more like baseball Did she keep them in all night??

vintagegirl said...

how adorable!
yes, my mum put those awful rollers in my hair. it was v-e-r-y difficult to get a good nights sleep with those horrid things in my hair, however it was all worth it, b/c the next day my hair would be beautiful and bouncy. :)