Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Banana Overnight French Toast with Syrup Baked In!

6T butter or Margarine
1-1/2c Packed Brown Sugar
5 large, ripe bananas, cut into 1/2" thick slices
1 loaf french or Italian bread sliced 1" thick - I used cinnamon bread & it was great
6 eggs
2c milk
2 t vanilla extract
1t ground cinnamon

-melt butter in a microwave safe bowl for about 30 seconds or so until melted, stir in brown sugar. Pour & press sugar mixture into the bottom of a 13x9 glass or stone baking dish
-place sliced bananas on top of sugar.
-whisk eggs, then mix in vanilla, milk & cinnamon
-I had 2 layers of bread in mine so, place 1 layer of bread on top of the fruit & then pour about half the egg/milk mixture on top. Then put on second layer of bread & pour the rest of the milk mix on top.
-Press gently to help it soak in
-cover with plastic wrap & let it sit at least 2 hours to overnight.
-Uncover and bake at 350 for 45-50 minutes until bread is browned & knife is clean when inserted into the middle


We had this on Sunday & it was SO good! I'm sorry I don't have a picture because I had served it all before I thought about it.
Also sorry I've slacked on posting. I've been busy. Just plain old busy. And my next True Blood book came out last Tuesday so I had to sit & read that of course!

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