Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Word Egg Tutorial

So a friend showed me a picture of these sweet little eggs with words on them.....I thought they were very cute & she wanted to make some for herself - so here's a how-to just for you Kelly!

Materials needed-
Clay - I used white polymer, you could use air dry or colored clay if you'd like
Paint - acrylic, I used burnt sienna & a light green & Paint brush
Rubber Stamps - alphabet

These are really, really easy to do - I promise.

Preheat your oven to the temp from the package.

Knead your clay until soft - then roll into a ball & pinch the end slightly to get an egg shape.

Take your stamps & stamp the middle letters first - it's a little trick so the word is even.

Bake according to the directions, my clay said bake 15 minutes for every 1/4" thick, so I baked them for a 1/2 hour.

I wish I could tell you I did something great while they baked, but really I cleaned my bathroom. If that is your idea of fun though, please come over & clean it anytime!

Once they are baked & cooled put a little of your dark paint on a brush & swirl it over the letters, then take a damp cloth & wipe the excess off.

You can leave it the clay color or paint the egg a different color - I decided to lightly paint a very light minty green over the top.

I then grabbed a little filler from a gift basket we received & made a little nest - viola! You're done! How cute are these? You can put names on them, or MOM for Mother's Day coming up. If you are making one with a longer word or name, just make your egg a little bigger.

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