Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ugly Stained Shirt= Cute Tu-Tu Shirt

So Audrey enjoys tu-tus. She likes to run around with them on. She has a pink one that is attached to a onesie type shirt that is too small now & "goes into her butt" as she likes to say. There is also the one she got for Christmas that can be worn over anything.

But I knew she wanted one that was attached to a shirt......So........I took an old stained shirt that she hadn't worn in awhile (wow - didn't realize it was THAT bad!) and some leftover tulle and fabric (look familiar Kelly?) and made a little shirt for her. All I did was fold & sew the tulle along the bottom of the shirt and then I steam-a-seamed the leaf-shapes onto the stained area. I choose to top stitch the leaf edges - just in case. This photo is before I ironed & sewed the pieces on - I did move them a bit.

Viola - an old throw-out shirt is now wearable & fun!


ohshootphotography said...

cute!!! I need to get one of those for myself! haha!

daintydaisies said...

That is sooo cute! ;)