Thursday, January 28, 2010

A New Project - That I Don't Love

Have you ever made a project that you just didn't love? Well this week I did. I was very excited to make plant markers for the spring & summer. I thought they would be so cute sticking in a garden, or planter or in a little herb garden. I thought I'd put the names of plants on them & then cute sayings like "my garden" and "love grows here".

Well, I made some of them this week. They just aren't as cute as I had hoped they'd be. I had 2 real silver spoons & they were cute - but just because the spoon was. I also used a few newer spoons & they were kind of blah.

I was sad this wasn't a project that I had fun making or that was really cute, but hey - it happens!

Good thing I made cute new headbands and other goodies recently! Also there is a new initial pendant in the works. I am hoping to have some for the show! I will leave you a picture of my not-so-great plant pokes. Have a good night all.

1 comment:

daintydaisies said...

I actually think they are cute i a rustic kind of way.. :)