Sunday, November 22, 2009

Off the list

Wow, I can cross making my collage magnets off my to-do list! Can you even believe it? I have had these sheets printed out for quite some time just sitting there waiting to be made. I was going to stick them onto magnetic sheets & then modge-podge them & then wait days for them to dry. But then my mom said, hey you have a laminator, why don't you put pretty paper on the back of them & laminate them instead. Wow - what a great idea! Until I went to go get laminating sheets.....they were all gone. I happened to order more from a fun mail-order catalog & they came this past week.

So tonight I really wanted to get something done, but wasn't really in the mood to paint onesies, or to sew any. I finished my book last night so tonight I made magnets! Finally! I love how rich to colors got once I laminated them & I have holiday & everyday magnets. The Holiday ones have festive paper on the back even.

I got 50 (yes, fifty) of them made tonight, just in time for the Craftacular. I also happen to have a neat metal ladder type thing in my random displays.....I just need to paint it white.

Have a great Monday!!


ohshootphotography said...

okay, seriously........ I want to be like you!! Those are soooo cute!! I am going to try to make some resin, beer cap, picture magnets pretty soon......just have to get everything...and find the time....and stay up past 9pm......that should all be easy, right!? haha!

daintydaisies said...

Super cute! :)