Sunday, September 13, 2009

Work Space 1.0

So here is my cute little table-top ironing board that I finally broke down & bought the other day - a $7 deal at Jo-Anns! Before I am sad to say I had no good ironing board....we had an over the door kind that only fit on our bathroom door & could only be used with the door closed & I have never owned a big board & with the kiddos running around I didn't feel comfortable having it out.

So I found this one on sale at Jo-Anns, it fits on my counter & my sewing area & what cute fabric! It also comes with a little hook that & it fits on my fabric rack.

Have a great day!

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ohshootphotography said...

I really wish knew how to sew! haha! love the ironing board. I have to get one of those. I iron on a towel on the kitchen counter....ghetto...I know!